Rules [ terms and conditions ]

The document contained herewith is governing the relations of Arbinode Limited online Service and its Users, their rights and obligations, terms of use of the services provided, and detailed principles of platform operation. Prior to any other action at the platform, each User is obliged to read and accept the Terms of Service and stay strictly compliant with all rules, polices and procedures outlined herewith.


[ Registration and Access ]

  • The Service is available only to citizens in the age of majority and legal capacity, in accordance with the laws of their countries of residence. By creating an account, the User confirms that his full age at the time of registration is at least 18 years old.
  • Every User must complete the registration procedure and create a personal account with the platform. By signing up the User confirms his acceptance of the Terms of Service. Each User has the right to create only one account. Multiple account registrations with the use of same personal data is strictly prohibited.
  • During the registration the User must choose login and specify password for access to his personal account, and also provide his valid e-mail address. The login must be unique. The password must contain a complex combination of letters and numbers. The User assumes full personal responsibility for his login details safety and security. It is prohibited to provide login and password to third parties.
  • After the registration the User gains access to his personal account, where he must log in and fill in his personal information, provide his payment details, and enable security settings.

[ Investments and withdrawals ]

  • The Users are provided with a number of investment options with different interest rates, depending on the amount, terms and conditions of funds placement. Prior to start investing the User is obliged to carefully study the information about each investment option. The decision about funds placement, the choice of an investment plan, and the amount of deposits is made by the User voluntarily and independently, considering his financial capacities, and risk tolerance level.
  • All payment transactions are to be conducted only after due authorization via the User personal account. Each new deposit is considered to be a private transaction between Arbinode Limited and the User. The User can choose from any payment system or cryptocurrency accepted by the platform to make a deposit. The funds are accepted without conversion to USD and accounted in the currency of payment. The deposit created by the User becomes active only upon actual arrival of funds to the company accounts and wallets. The User has the right to create unlimited number of deposits. Each deposit is dealt with as separate investment.
  • Accruals of investment income on deposits in terms of interest rate and regularity are made in accordance with individual terms of each investment plan. Profits are credited to the User's account balances in the same currency which was used to make each particular deposit. At the end of investment period the amount of the principal returns to the User's account balance, accrual of profits stops and deposit closes.
  • All funds that are reflected at the currency balances of the User's personal account are free and available for withdrawal. The User has the right to request payment of funds available at his account balances to his currency wallets anytime at his discretion.
  • The Service has requirements for minimum withdrawal amounts for each payment system. The amount of the requested payment can not be less than the minimum stipulated. Payments are made only in ecurrency of the balance.
  • Withdrawal requests are processed instantly and automatically. The arrival of funds to the User's payment wallets depends on the order of transaction confirmation in each particular payment system. In cases of system failures and unforeseen circumstances withdrawal requests are processed manually by Service operators within 24 hours.

[ Provision of Services ]

  • The Service undertakes to provide for the smooth operation of the online investment platform and ensure the round-the-clock access of Users to their personal accounts. The Service guarantees the safety of personal information, financial data and funds of the User in case of technical problems and system failures, and informs the Users about technical upgrades, service downtimes and unforeseen circumstances that prevent User access and operations at the platform.
  • The Service guarantees to manage the User's capital to the best of company specialists abilities, ensure projected investment returns for investors while minimizing all possible risks. The Service keeps financial records of all User's funds movements, provides for timely crediting of investment and referral revenue.
  • The Service takes obligation to process withdrawals of free funds reflected on the Users' balances, at the User request within the determined time-frame.
  • In order to secure the privacy of its clients the Service agrees not to transfer User's personal data to third parties, not to sell or rent it out without express written consent of the User. The Service guarantees to take all measures required to ensure safety of any private user data from destruction, loss, unauthorized change and alteration, or use at other resources. The Service is obliged to store all user account and financial data at special servers with multilevel encryption and complex security systems, preventing unauthorized access of third parties.

[ Violations and Responsibility ]

  • The Service reserves the right to block User accounts with the retention of all available funds in case of detection of the following violations by Users: provision of false personal data; multiple user account creation, aiming at abuse of the Affiliate program by trying to obtain undeserved referral commissions.
  • The Company reserves the right to deny the provision of services to the Users found guilty in attempted unauthorized access, hacker attacks and other malignant actions that interfere with the system operation and brings potential harm to the software and hardware of the platform; sending bulk unsolicited and unwanted e-mail messages containing links to the platform's website; spreading of intentionally false information, defamatory statements and other messages aimed at deterioration of the Arbinode Limited business reputation.

[ Disclaimer ]

  • The Service is not be held responsible for any losses or damages occurring as a result of Force Majeure circumstances including but not limited with military force, political intervention, the prescriptions of domestic or foreign authorities or events occurring as a result of catastrophe or Act of God.
  • The Service will not be liable for any losses arising from delay in the transmission of funds due to causes beyond its control, including system failures in payment gateways and blockchain network congestions, account blocks, abrupt changes in payment processor terms of service etc.
  • The Service will not accept responsibility for any losses arising from failure of the User to hold his computer systems free from malicious software used by third parties to get unauthorized access to User's account. It is the User's sole responsibility to check his system for trojans , keyloggers and other malware.
  • The User agrees to hold the Arbinode Limited management harmless of any liability regarding possible loss of the User's funds during investment process. The User understands that he is investing at his own risk and that past platform performance is not an explicit guarantee for the same future results.

[ Changes and Amendments ]

  • The administration of Arbinode Limited reserves the right to make any changes to the current Terms of Service without prior consent of the Users. The Service will inform the Users about changes and amendments by publishing notices at the company website.
  • The changes to the Terms of Service will come into force right after their official publication, unless otherwise specified.

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